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neonbroadway is your resource for everything theatre. Join the community and share graphics (especially icons), musical and play reviews, experiences, pictures, news, obsessions (what are YOU into?), discussions, your respected opinions, and your love of theatre and the actors and actresses involved. Please read the rules, join the community, and introduce yourself!

Neon Broadway was founded on June 9, 2006 by carpetstains. She also maintains the community.

Introduction Template:


1. Treat everyone with respect! Just because they have a different opinion, etc. doesn't make them a bad person. Treat others how you want to be treated.

2. If you post graphics and have more than three, post 1-2 teasers and put the rest behind a cut. LJ cut is your friend.

3. If you take a graphic(s), credit the user!

4. Try to stay on topic. Straying a little bit is ok, otherwise there wouldn't be much to talk about!


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